About me

I am now an associate professor working in Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). My research focus mainly concentrates around interdisciplinary fields of theoretical artificial intelligence analysis and real-world applications, including graph model representing non-structure data, robust training algorithms with imperfect datasets and reinforcement learning algorithms for sequential decision making.


I am now working closely with Prof. Pheng Ann Heng from CUHK, and we are now looking for PhD/Mphil/RA/Postdoc interested in developing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as their practical applications on AI-aided drug discovery. Feel free to drop me an email for more information or apply through the official website (CUHK PhD Summer Workshop / HKPFS ).

Latest News

[04/2021] One paper about adopting Transformer for single-step retrosynthesis predictions has been accepted to Chemical Engineering Journal (JCR 1).

[03/2021] One paper about adopting GCN for QSAR has been accepted to Briefings in Bioinformatics(JCR 1).

[02/2021] One survey paper about adopting GCN to discover new drugs has been accepted to Journal of Cheminformatics (JCR 1).

[01/2021] One paper about robust learning aganist noisy label has been accepted to ICLR2021 (Top Conference @ AI) as spotlight .

[12/2020] Three papers about robust learning aganist noisy label and reinforcement learning have been accepted to AAAI2021 (CCF A).

[06/2020] One paper about multi-agent reinforcement learning has been accepted to ICML2020 (CCF A).