About me

I am a Zhejiang University - Zhejiang Lab Hundred-Program Researcher mainly based in Zhejiang Lab(https://en.zhejianglab.com/). My research interests mainly concentrates around fundamental AI, including robust learning and graph representation with their practical applications in the fields of fundamental science.


I am always looking for self-motivated undergraduate and graduate students with diverse background in mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, chemistry and biology, to work together on the exciting reserach field of AI for Science. We have opening positions available right now, including Full-time Researcher, Engineer, Post Doc, Ph.D., and Interns in the Zhejiang Lab and Zhejiang University.

I am working closely with Prof. Pheng Ann Heng in CUHK, and looking for PhD/Mphil/RA/Postdoc interested in developing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms with their practical applications on AI-aided drug discovery in CUHK. Feel free to drop me an email for more information or apply through the official website (CUHK PhD Summer Workshop / HKPFS ).

Latest News

[10/2022] One paper that adopts the cointinual learning strategy to adopt pre-train large scale model to handle NLP tasks has been accepted by EMNLP2022.

[10/2022] One paper that improves the performance of MARL by parsing its action space has been accepted by NeurIPS 2022.

[7/2022] One paper that adopts the pseudo-lable strategy for robotic scene segmentation with limted annotations has been accepted by IROS 2022.

[7/2022] One paper that addresses sizing problem with GCN has been accepted by ICCAD 2022.

[7/2022] One paper that introduces a simple entropy term to acknowledge the unknown information for multi-label learning has been accepted by ECCV 2022.

[4/2022] One paper that address the imbalance learning by flattening the loss landscape has been early accepted by MICCAI 2022.

[4/2022] One paper that recognizing the sign language by fine-tuning the pretrained large-scale model has been accepted by NAACL 2022.

[3/2022] One paper that adopts deep learning to extract encoded information hidden in the speckle patterns for high-fidelity information decryption has been accepted by ACS Photonics (JCR 2).

[3/2022] One paper that proposes a novel bucketing technique to address the Range Thresholding (RT) problem over streams has been accepted by SIGMOD 2022 (CCF A).

[2/2022] One paper that proposes a joint supervision learning algorithm to optimize a novel lattice hypergraph on the congestion prediciton problem has been accepted by DAC 2022 (CCF A).

[11/2021] One paper that proposes a machine learing paradigm for the rational design and fast screening of SAAs for various electrocatalytic reactions has been accepted by Green Energy & Environment (JCR 1).

[09/2021] One paper about investigating loss landscape to improve the continual learning performance has been accepted by Neurips 2021 (CCF A).

[07/2021] One paper about adopting adversarial guidance for monocular depth estimation has been accepted by the ACM Multimedia 2021 (ACMMM) (CCF A).

[06/2021] One paper about developing a rotation invariant framework for point cloud analysis has been accepted by the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) (JCR 1).

[04/2021] One paper about adopting Transformer for single-step retrosynthesis predictions has been accepted to Chemical Engineering Journal (JCR 1).

[03/2021] One paper about adopting GCN for QSAR has been accepted to Briefings in Bioinformatics (JCR 1).

[02/2021] One survey paper about adopting GCN to discover new drugs has been accepted to Journal of Cheminformatics (JCR 1).

[01/2021] One paper about robust learning aganist noisy label has been accepted to ICLR2021 (Top Conference @ AI) as spotlight .

[12/2020] Three papers about robust learning aganist noisy label and reinforcement learning have been accepted to AAAI2021 (CCF A).

[06/2020] One paper about multi-agent reinforcement learning has been accepted to ICML2020 (CCF A).