• Adopting Graph Neural Networks to Discover and Synthesis New Drugs
    at Salon of Drug Discovery, Peking University, Beijing, Jul. 2019.

  • Exploring the Usages of AI tools in Drug Discovery
    at Zhejiang University, Zhejiang, Jul. 2019,
    at New York University Shanghai, Jul. 2019,
    at Amazon, Shanghai, Jul. 2019,
    at State Grid Corporation of China, Jiangsu, Jul. 2019,
    at WuXi AppTec, Shanghai, Aug. 2019,
    at AstraZeneca plc., Shanghai, Aug. 2019,
    at Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI), Beijing, Jan. 2020.

  • Adopting AI in Chemistry Research and Pharmacy Industry
    at Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit, Lake Dian, Yunnan, May 2019.

  • Analyzing the Effect of Noisy in the Machine Learning Systems
    at Beiyang Intelligence Forum, Tianjing University, Apr. 2019.

  • Introduction to Recommender Systems
    at VIVO, Shenzhen, Apr. 2017.

  • Learning to Aggregate Ordinal Labels by Maximizing Separating Width
    at ICML, Sydney Australia, Aug. 2017.